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Sorry for the extreme delay. I have several good reasons, though! I am experiencing some health issues (not problems) that are making my life unpredictable. I’m also simultaneously working on a couple other projects, along with the normal work of, you know, Life.

I’m also trying to restructure my posts here. I am hoping to add pictures to future posts (and may even go back and add them to the old posts). I’m also planning to move back and forth between volumes of the Anthology, instead of plowing straight through. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please share them!

As always, you can add this blog to your RSS reader, or simply follow my Twitter account, to be updated the moment I get back in the saddle with this. Links are to the right. 🙂


Hello there!

I’d like to take a moment to describe my blog before I plunge in.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in English a while back. I’m one of those people who just can’t get rid of a book, so my old textbooks have been haunting my bookshelves for quite some time. As you probably know, you never read everything in a textbook, and sometimes, the best stuff gets left out. So that’s my challenge – to read the leftovers!

I’m planning to start with one of my (many many) volumes of the Norton Anthology and work through them. I’ve probably got enough textbooks to last for years. 🙂

First textbook post should be coming soon!