Textbook Leftovers

Background Information

Words appearing in Bold will be the title of the individual works in discussion, the first time they appear in the post. This is in order to emphasize the works and make the post easier to skim, in posts that deal with multiple works.

Words appearing in Italics will be direct quotes from the text. Other words in quotations will generally be related phrases but not from the text at hand.
I also italicize the captions of pictures, just to keep you on your toes.

Strikeouts will generally be my attempts at being funny. I didn’t major in Comedy, so feel free to not laugh. 😉

I am dealing with The Norton Anthology of World Literature. My copies are from the second edition.
I will be working my way through all six volumes of the Norton Anthology, and each post will be tagged to indicate the applicable volume. I plan to cover every entry in this massive anthology, both those that I professionally studied and those that were left behind on the plate.

Should anybody be interested, I will be happy to provide the name of the translator (when applicable) and any other information that I am able to acquire. Please comment on this page or on the applicable post with any questions or concerns you may have.

While I’ve got your eyes, I’d like to offer a special thank you to my favorite university professor (and my advisor through thick and thin). He assigned the Norton Anthology for both semesters of Western Lit, thereby providing me with these volumes to peruse.


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