Textbook Leftovers

About Me

Hello! I’m Jamie and I’ll be your tour guide on this trip through literary history. I’ve been a reader and a writer for basically my entire life. I received a degree in English Language and Literature in December 2007. (My minor was Psychology, if anybody is interested in that.) I was pretty burned out on studying by then but I kept most of my textbooks for future reference and for sentimental reasons.
I am married with one child. My husband is in the military, and I stay home with our daughter. We currently live in the Eastern Time Zone, but we’re originally from Texas (and boy do we miss the BBQ).
When I’m not changing diapers and trying to ignore Elmo, I like to bake, sew (I do it by hand; I find it relaxing), paint, dabble in other crafty things, do puzzles, play video games (especially Zelda games), and of course read. Also I have a small addiction to the internet. I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo a couple of times, and write whenever I have time (which isn’t often).


A note to other bloggers: yes, you can quote my posts – but please give credit and a link! I’m also willing to contribute to community blogs, but please bear in mind that I’m busy and scatterbrained, so I’ll need some advance notice.

If you’re looking to affiliate your blog with mine, I am definitely willing to consider it! Please email me and we’ll talk!

If you happen to be a student looking for a quick way to finish your paper, you’ve come to the wrong place. Don’t plagiarize. My blog may be an acceptable *reference*; you’ll need to check with your teacher for that one.

All of everything on this blog is my personal interpretation of the literature under scrutiny, and I invite comments and discussions! All my quotations are taken from the Norton Anthology of World Literature, and the copyrights on the literature belong to their respective owners. I am not placing any claim on the works of literature.

My updating schedule is rather haphazard at the moment. I underwent surgery at the end of February, which threw a wrench into my efforts. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog via RSS or email, or to my Twitter account, to receive updates the moment I manage to publish! I hope to settle into at least a once-weekly update schedule, but it’ll always depend on just how brutal Life is being, and how difficult the literature is.


If there are any questions or concerns, or if you just feel like chatting, you can email me at merricontrari@gmail.com, or through a comment on any post on the blog. No spam or hate mail please.


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